Health, Safety, Security and Environment (‘HSSE’) is a vital component of our sustainability strategy which ensures a safe and secure working environment for all of our employees, whilst simultaneously minimising the environmental impacts of our operations


HSE Policy

At Seplat, all employees are committed to conducting our operations in line with international best practice standards and the Company works to manage and mitigate HSSE risks through the implementation of the Company’s HSSE Policy. The Company’s performance against these standards is continually measured and evaluated and is reported on annually.

Read/Download our HSE policy here.

HSSE activities

The comprehensive HSSE management system ensures routine checks and activities are carried out to address the four strategic principles of the HSSE Policy.


  • Implementation of safety procedure systems
  • Incident reporting and investigation procedure (to track performance and share lessons learned)
  • Periodic health screening/survey of staff and contractor employees
  • HSSE induction and awareness programme as well as competency training


  • Environmental stewardship through the implementation of an approved Environmental Management Plan (‘EMP’)
  • Conduct weekly monitoring of the quality of effluents, emissions and groundwater against statutory/international guidelines
  • Implementation of rigorous waste management plan
  • For projects, conduct applicable Environmental Impact Assessment (‘EIA’) studies and thereafter ensure periodic Environmental Evaluation Studies (‘EES’) to monitor impact of our operations and implement mitigation measures as appropriate


  • Promoting proactive engagement with host communities and other stakeholders for peaceful co-existence in order to create an enabling environment for the Company’s operations


  • Ensure compliance with applicable laws, regulations and permits to ensure violations are avoided
  • Collaborate on the development of new or revised regulatory requirements via appropriate industry bodies to ensure performance as a best practice operator

Policy implementation

Seplat’s HSSE Policy is implemented under an approved management system developed in line with guidelines issued by the International Association of Oil & Gas Producers (OGP), (which are further supplemented by the Company’s own policies to guarantee adherence to country regulations and standards).
This Policy guarantees that the 7-key element structure of this international standard (OGP) for HSSE management is addressed and is routinely integrated into daily operations. Operating in this way allows for effective administration and implementation of the HSSE policy and ensures SEPLAT’s performance is measured and benchmarked to industry-wide standards.

Element Description
Leadership and Commitment Top-down commitment to a culture of health, safety, security and environmental awareness
Policy and Objectives Corporate principles, intentions and aspirations with respect to HSSE
Organisation, Responsibilities and Resources Organisation and responsibilities of people and resources necessary for achieving safe operations
Risk Management Identification and assessment of HSSE risks, and subsequent elimination or control of those risks
Planning Plans for field activities, including plans for emergencies
Implementation and Monitoring Performance and monitoring of activities and corrective action plans for deficiencies
Audit and Review Periodic assessment and improvement of performance, effectiveness and suitability of systems