IPO documents

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  • Intention to float

    Our announcement of Intention to Float on March 11 2014. Upon listing, we became the first Nigerian company to have its ordinary shares dual listed on both the LSE and the NSE.

  • Pricing announcement

    Our indicative pricing announcement from 28 March 2014. This document announced the indicative price range for the Global Offer set at 195 pence to 255 pence per Ordinary Share to be traded on the LSE’s main market.

  • Pricing announcement

    Our pricing announcement from 9 April 2014. This is when we first launched onto the Nigerian and London stock exchange with the offer prices of 210 pence per share and NGN 576 per share.

  • Stabilisation notice

    Our stabilisation notice from 9 April 2014. The offering size was GBP 300.9 million and 143,284,130 ordinary shares in Initial Public Offering of shares listed on the London and Nigeria Stock Exchanges.

  • Prospectus

    Our Prospectus from 9 April 2014. This document was prepared in accordance with the Prospectus Rules of the Financial Conduct Authority.

  • First day of dealings

    Our first day of dealings announcement from 14 April 2014. This document announced the start of our unconditional dealings in our ordinary shares on the Nigerian Stock Exchange at 10.15am (Lagos time).