Market overview

Nigeria, the leading oil and gas country in Africa.

Nigeria is the largest oil producer in Africa with proven geology, and long established infrastructure, regulatory and fiscal regimes. Nigeria also possesses one of the largest gas reserves on the continent, the development of which to supply the rapidly evolving and expanding domestic market is an attractive growth opportunity for Seplat.






Prolific hydrocarbon geology

Nigeria’s oil and gas industry represents a compelling value proposition and is attractive, not just to Seplat but the wider industry also, on many levels. It starts below the ground and the prolific hydrocarbon geology of the Niger Delta area, where Nigeria’s oil and gas industry is concentrated. Covering an area of approximately 75,000 km² and with up to 10km sedimentary thickness, the critical factors required for hydrocarbon generation have all combined to great effect in the Niger Delta basin, namely the existence of source rocks with high levels of organic content, high rates of sedimentation and rapid burial to allow hydrocarbon generation and the presence of good quality reservoir rocks and effective trap/seal mechanisms where hydrocarbons have accumulated in vast quantities. Nigeria is estimated to hold remaining recoverable proved reserves of around 37 billion barrels of oil and 179 trillion cubic feet of gas, making it a globally significant source of long-term supply.

Gas opportunity

Nigeria has one of the largest gas reserves globally and a fast evolving domestic market to which Seplat is a leading supplier. These reserves can underpin substantial power generation, which in turn is a key driver of economic growth and a higher standard of living.

We recognised the opportunity gas presented early and alongside our oil business, we have successfully become the pre-eminent supplier of natural gas to the domestic market in Nigeria through substantial investments made in the commercialisation, development and monetisation of the large-scale gas reserves that exist on our blocks.

We are very proud of the success of our gas story and the plan is to further increase gas production and processing capacity to meet Nigeria’s growing demand, particularly in the gas to power sector.

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Nigeria’s gas potential

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